The city of Korcula lies by the sea on the north-east end of the island of Korcula. The old medieval part of the city was built on a small oval peninsula, a Baroque suburb spreads under the old city walls, The old town of Korcula is often called a small Dubrovnik,but as far as locals and many of our tourists are concerned, Korcula is even more beautiful . So if you dont want to explore places around town of Korcula you can always rent one of ours e- scooters or bikes and stay near the town of Korčula and beaches around it ...
Korcula has many social, cultural, economic and health institutions and organizations: a kindergarten, elementary and secondary school , museum, library, medical centre, tourist agencies, banks, pharmacy, hotels, shipyard, shops, restaurants,caffe bars,cinemas,souvenir shops,parking garage,and beaches around it and its surrounding.
So we are sure that you will enjoy our town and that you will find some activities that suits you ...


Lumbarda is a coastal village on the easternmost part of Korcula. The village itself extends for several kilometers around few small bays and on the hills behind them. It is 6 km away from Korcula Town and connected with the road that passes through this picturesque area filled with olive groves and vineyards and surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and little hills covered with pine woods. Lumbarda is the place to be if you want to find out more about gastronomy and enology of Korcula Island.
Except for the delicious gastronomy offering what lures both tourists and locals to this part of the island are gorgeous and unique sandy beaches, like “Vela Przina”, “Bilin Zal”, “Tatinja” bay, etc., where you can enjoy well sheltered crystal clear waters, seafront cafes, volleyball and many other sports, Lumbarda is very well known by few excellent and famous wines, very well known among wine connoisseurs. There are two distinct varieties of the indigenous grape that grows in these sandy vineyards – “Plavac” (red wine) and “Grk” (white wine) so when you come here be sure to treat yourself with some of the island’s best food and wine.
It is also a location perfect for a day trip no matter where you are on the island so be sure not to miss this experience.


Racisce is a small, romantic and picturesque fisherman village situated in one of the northern Korcula bays. This village of about 500 residents is accessible by the paved road from Korčula. At the end of a 15 kilometre long road that goes along northern coast of island lies Racisce .
There are a lot of old, typical Dalmatian houses around the bay, as well as couple of old, but well preserved churches. Racisce is surrounded by beautiful beaches and little coves and further to the west from Racisce you will find two especially favored ones – “Vaja” and “Samograd”, which are accessible only by pedestrian path. The beaches were formed out of remains of white stone, which was excavated long ago in the nearby quarries.


"Pupnatska Luka" translated from Croatian means "The port of Pupnat". Pupnatska Luka is one of the most beautiful pebble beaches on the island of Korcula, surrounded by crystal clear sea. It is located on the south side of the island cca 17 km from the town of Korcula,it is reachable by a narrow and steep road so we advise our customers with scooters to be extra careful if they visit this beach..
There is a parking above the beach, a toilette,two small restaurants/beach bars where it is possible to have a refreshing drink and a meal in the shade, and the possibility of renting kayaks, lounge chairs and sunshades. The beach is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and overlooks the archipelago of Lastovo.

The rest of the Island has lots of beautiful places like Brna, Zavalatica, Prizba, Blato, Vela Luka, which are well Worth visiting. Due to a heavy summer traffic on the main road, distance between the places, summer heat and lots of uphills across the central part of the Island, it is advisable not to visit this places by scooters or bicycles. For this kind of trips towards the west part of the Island of Korcula, as the safest and most comfortable means of transport, we recommend hiring a car.