Some advice for bike driving and its use

  • The renter is strongly advised not to use vehicles on non paved roads since there is a great chance of accident or/and damages on the vehicles for which he is legally responsible.
  • Always ride more to the right side of the road,in that way is safer for other vehicles to overtake you.
  • If you leave paved road there is a 99% chance that you are going to puncture your tyre since the nature is full of litlle thorns from bushes
  • We advise you to store the vehicles(bikes and e-scooters) overnight in your room or apartment since it is your responsibility if they get stolen .
  • Always park vehicles on their side stands ,don"t lean them against the walls or on the ground .
  • Ride our vehicles and take care of them in the same manner as you would ride yours and we are certain that there would be no problems.